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PONE, English practice. An original writ issuing out of chancery, for the purpose of removing a plaint from an inferior court into the superior courts at Westminster. The word signifies "put;" put by gages, &c. The writ is called from the words it contained when in Latin, "Pone per vadium et salvos plegios," &c. Put by gage and safe pledges, &c. See F. N. B. 69, 70 a; Wilkinson on Replevin, Index.

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Pone was speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, and said that Dubai's vision of becoming a smart city in time for the Expo 2020 can be achieved by adopting energy efficient measures.
Miroslav Pone (1902-1976) studied at the Prague Conservatory in the class of the post-Romantic composer Josef Suk, branded by music specialists the founder of the "first generation of Czech Modernism".
Sales in the region are expected to grow by at least 7%-10% a year in the period to 2015, Pone said today in an interview for Swiss daily Le Temps.
El repertorio de articulos que conforman Critica del agravio moral se centra en temas recurrentes de la filosofia y la sociologia actuales desde un enfoque renovador proveniente de la Teoria Critica y pone a disposicion del lector algunas de las respuestas (y de las preguntas) de uno de los mas importantes filosofos contemporaneos que permiten entender temas clave como la intersubjetividad o los problemas de la sociedad capitalista.
Asylum seeker Edmond Pone wasjust14in1999whenhehidin the back of a lorry and ended up in Tredegar.
cada lunes alguien limpia las telaranas y pone en orden
Para su red distribuidora, pone por el momento a su disposicion computadoras de escritorio y portatiles, monitores, impresoras de inyeccion y laser, multifuncionales, proyectores, escaneres, camaras digitales y workstations, ademas de servidores de plataforma Intel y soluciones de almacenamiento.
An unusual activity book, this inviting volume draws on Mark Twain's most popular scenarios for creative ideas that range from making a Mississippi sternwheeler to cooking Missouri-fried corn pone.
ASYLUM seeker Edmond Pone, who has been trying to make a life for himself in Ebbw Vale, has lost his appeal and the law now states he must return to Kosovo.
Cooked, this innocent combination forms the superstructure for such savory staples we know as: mush, cornmeal fritters, hush puppies, pone and pudding, dodgers, relish, bread, sticks and stuffing.
Sky Blues player-manager Gary McAllister looks set to sit this pone out after he suffered a recurrence of a pelvic injury in Saturday's draw at Crystal Palace.
Rio pone el terreno, el edificio y el dinera, incluidos unos US$32 millones par el derecha de usar el nambre Guggenheim.