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The demand for interactive digital signage is growing rapidly, and Popstar understands how to deliver a unique, intuitive and powerful interactive experience utilizing a wide variety of digital media assets," said Mike Gaeta, Vice President, Supplier Marketing, Embedded Solutions, for Avnet Technology Solutions, Americas.
PopStar Guitar for the Wii comes with two AirG peripherals and is available for $59.
In PopStar Guitar, players take on the role of lead guitarist who forms a garage band that tours around the world eventually advancing to the main stage for a once in a lifetime performance at the "Battle of the Bands" competition.
If I hadn't missed out on the final five for Popstars, I wouldn't be in Liberty X," Tony smiles, showing those now world-famous dimples.
We are thrilled to continue to unveil new original recording artists that will be featured in PopStar Guitar," said Steve Grossman, chief executive officer of XS Games.
MODERN TREND: Popstars winners (from left) Owen Ford, aged seven, Daniel Phythin and Demi-Lea Dell, both aged 10, with (left) Kirsty Hambridge, aged 10, during a clarinet session.
Before joining Popstar, he was Vice President of Business Development at BroadSign International.
Utilizing the Wii Remote's functionality to the fullest, PopStar Guitar's AirG fuels player's creativity and imagination as they live out their dream of becoming a pop star.
POPStar will be looking at the deployment of the Buzz Softphone that has been developed with Eyeball Communications http://www.
POPstar was established in 1998 to develop and sell FoIP and VoIP products to Service Providers around the Globe.
POPstar develops IP telephony software and provides wholesale VoIP/FoIP services; corporate customers have used its FoIP products for the past 10 years.