Popular action

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POPULAR ACTION, punishment. An action given by statute to any one who will sue for the penalty. A qui tam action. Dig. 47, 23, 1.

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Checking on train status is the second most popular action on Amtrak.
Damascus, (SANA)- Assistant Regional Secretary of al-Bth Arab Socialist party Hilal Hilal discussed with a delegation of the Yemeni Teachers' Syndicate means of boosting the Arab popular action to support Syria in the face of terrorism and the US threats of launching a military strike on the country.
According to reports from B-Town, the actress -- whose latest movie 'Happy New Year' is currently being filmed in Dubai -- has been given a small part in the latest in film in the popular action franchise.
Bruce, 57, has been in the movie business since the 80's and has stared in popular action movies.
unveiled a new title from its popular action game "Metal Gear Solid" series for smart phones for the first time to appeal to a broader range of people.
The Assembly took its most popular action so far after hearing Mr Goodway condemned by members of all four parties for "bringing local government into disrepute".
Hirbish and Sawagh have forged alliances with other parliamentarians, throwing their cards in with the Popular Action Bloc -- led by a former parliament head, Ahmad al-Saadon, and the popular parliamentarian Musalam al-Barrak.
The toppling of the Syrian regime is a popular action and not a foreign invasion or a state of war between two countries.
Manama In comments on the resignation of Kuwait's government, lawmaker Mislim Al Barrak said that his bloc, the Popular Action, would go ahead with the request it had filed to quiz Prime Minister Shaikh Nasser Al Mohammad if he were to be reappointed at the head of the new cabinet given the fact that he had led six governments in five years.
The lawmakers represent the Development and Reform Bloc, an Islamist group, the liberal National Action Bloc and the opposition Popular Action bloc.
A father competes with rival parents to get his son a popular action figure for Christmas.
A booby-trapped car blew up close to the office of the Iraqi Islamic Party in the Popular Action Street in west Baghdad's Amiriya District on Tuesday night, killing one civilian and wounding six others," he said.