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6) On Cuba's 1960 demographics, see United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division, Population Pyramids of the World from 1950-2100, http://populationpyramid.
The population pyramid for Vanuatu shows a very pronounced youth bulge occurring in the population 29 years and younger, while the current median age remains at only 24.
Population pyramids show the age and gender composition of the population and the labor force.
Oman's population pyramid is the most expansive in the GCC region.
Overall, however, the population pyramid is flat at the base, bulges in the middle, and widens at the top; there are relatively fewer children, a large number of young adults, and an increasing number of older adults.
As result, the population pyramid is growing narrower to its base and likely will continue this way in the foreseeable future, unless a major political and economic turnaround stops the exodus, brings back a sizeable number of Cuban exiles and unleashes the decades-old depressed birth rate.
The interactive population pyramid, recently published on Statistics Estonia's Web site, presents the population change in Estonia from 1990, with projections up to 2050.
Population pyramid is a very popular presentation of the age-sex distribution of the human population of a particular region.
Using statistics from the database we have shown how the population has been undergoing a transition over the last three-and-a-half decades from very high to lower fertility and mortality, and how the population pyramid has 'aged' from very young to young.
The demographics of all developed countries in Europe, Asia and America are such that the standard population pyramid has been inverted.
The population pyramid in Kenya is wide at the bottom and pointed at the top.

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