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Its population pyramid alludes to it with the higher percentage of males in all working age groups above the age of 20.
The population pyramid in year 2000, the most recent year in which
Forty years from now, in 2050, the population pyramid (white) will look rather like a capped tower, with ample working-age cohorts as the birth rate remains low and the baby-boomer group gradually dies off.
have strong influence on age-sex structure of the population, that reflect also on the shape of the population pyramid.
In terms of population change by age group, the population pyramids clearly show large increases at all ages between 2001 and 2031.
39) Note that the use of the MY ratio as a summary statistic of the population pyramid is justified only in the context of an intertemporal equilibrium of an economy with a cyclical birth rate: the MY ratio indicates where in the pyramid cycle the economy is located at a given time, but it does not imply that the young and the middle-aged cohorts that serve to define the ratio are the only cohorts whose trade influences the equilibrium--all cohorts trade, and all influence the equilibrium outcome.
The overwhelmingly young male profile of the plantation period gradually gave way to the more conventional population pyramid as native-born Islanders came to outnumber the immigrants the exception being that men aged sixty-five and over, the survivors of the plantation period, formed the largest single age group cohort.
The golden age is when the population pyramid bloats in the middle, and the number of productive people far exceeds the old and young dependent population.
The current Indian population pyramid is somewhat unhealthy at a birthrate of 2.
Experimental regulations to protect these fish have been imposed on several Minnesota lakes in the hope that more large pike can shift the balance of the population pyramid back toward a low-harvest state with fewer pike but more large ones.
population, which numbered 152 million persons, was relatively young and its population pyramid resembled a Christmas tree.
The population pyramid for Series 4 (Figure 3) shows a drop in numbers at younger age groups by the year 2031, so that 'the numbers entering the young adult ages would shrink even more rapidly after 2030'.

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