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Cameron McBride, Senior Enterprise Portal Developer at XTIVIA commented, "I was excited to have the opportunity to pioneer the first Liferay Marketplace portlet here at XTIVIA.
Only a few portlets come bundled with the Liferay download.
Advanced developers can leverage Java Studio Enterprise in conjunction with Portlet Builder to deploy JSR-168-compliant portlets, while less skilled ones can take advantage of Java Studio Creator to deploy JSP/JSF applications within the portal.
All of the business rules, configurations, security credentials, and language preferences defined in the Saba people system are enforced through the portlets in IBM WebSphere Portal, making for a seamless, secure user experience.
Tilli explains, "JDeveloper creates and deploys portlets and can be extended with various techniques like Java Server Pages and capabilities like wizards for describing portlet attributes and connecting them to, say, enterprise applications.
The standards will save you a lot of work if you're willing to take the portlet exactly as it is delivered by the content provider.
For a live demo of the SCM Portlet, join Unicon in booth #642 at the Campus Technology conference, July 19-22, Boston, Mass.
Users can hide or show the body of a portlet by clicking on the minimize/maximize icon in the portlet title bar.
Aptrix Portlet Connector is designed for the enterprise market and is available across IBM (ibm.
the leading provider of open source software consulting services for the education market, today announced new portlet development services.
A more sophisticated approach is for the Web services portlet to locate the Web services automatically--using the Universal Description Discovery Integration (UDDI) standard; read the description of the services--encoded in the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) definition, and then automatically generate a user interface.