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But she also adds what might be analysed as positive politeness.
A request that is made in the form of a dialogue has a speech act for each component of the request--use of positive politeness and acknowledgement of fault, demonstration of understanding of the size of imposition, suggestion of alternative action, and use of negative politeness--and these speech acts are performed based on the cues the requestee exhibits during the exchange.
I listed tutor statements that corresponded to Brown and Levinson's first four politeness strategies: bald-on-record, positive politeness, negative politeness, and off-record.
Positive politeness strategies (abbreviated here as PP) are utilized to save the positive face of the hearer.
Uses of modals in positive politeness strategies (PP) Number Strategy Instances 1 Notice admirable qualities, possessions, etc.
When addressing him, the journalist used various positive politeness devices to show deference to the Premier.
Nevertheless, in the interpretation, all of these positive politeness strategies were omitted, except an acknowledgement of the addressee's title 'Mr Premier' which appeared immediately before the question.
The use of first names was mentioned as an index of involvement which identifies with positive politeness in terms of other authors.
The weight of imposition is usually determined by some exterior circumstances and is directly proportionate to the two categories of politeness: if the weight of imposition increases, negative politeness or independence strategies become active; if the weight of imposition decreases, positive politeness or involvement strategies come to the fore (Scollon -- Scollon 1995: 43).
They claim that positive face refers to a speaker's desire to be liked and appreciated, thus, positive politeness is designed to meet the face needs of others through strategies that may be complimentary or show concern for others.

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