Post Mortem

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Post Mortem

[Latin, After death.] Pertaining to matters occurring after death. A term generally applied to an autopsy or examination of a corpse in order to ascertain the cause of death or to the inquisition for that purpose by the Coroner .

post mortem

n. Latin for "after death," an examination of a dead body to determine cause of death, generally called an autopsy. (See: coroner)

See: posthumous

POST MORTEM. After death; as, an examination post mortem, is an examination made of a dead body to ascertain the cause of death; an inquisition post mortem, is one made by the coroner.

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to provide suitably qualified Pathologist and/or support staff to conduct post mortems.
The post mortem, which was completed late on Saturday, showed that the child died "of an infection that destroyed the adrenal glands, possibly meningococcus.
A spokeswoman for West London Coroners Court said yesterday: "The death has been referred to the West London Coroner and I understand a post mortem examination may be carried out tomorrow.
VictorOps' Post Mortem Report automates the process of retrospection as a way to determine what led to problem resolution.
It was stated in the mentioned post mortem report that the deceased Akhtar Ali was subjected to serve physical torture during his illegal custody, injury on the scalp, the skull fracture and presence of heamitma in the brain are suggestive of the injury of the brain due to blunt trauma caused his death.
Geo TV quoted him as saying that a five-doctor board had done the post mortem of Bhatti, which revealed that most of the bullet wounds were on the torso- chest and shoulders.
Under the provisions of the Human Tissue Act 1961, since superseded by the Human Tissue Act 2004, body parts may be removed at post mortem for medical education, treatment or research if permission was given by the deceased or their relatives.
A Garda forensic photographer takes pictures of the scene while other officers cordoned offthe area The body of a young man is removed from the scene for post mortem
TEENAGER Ashleigh Hall was smothered to death, a second post mortem has revealed.
They said police tried to persuade them there was nothing suspicious about the death and handed them an edited version of the first post mortem examination.
The mother of a British teenager found raped and murdered on a beach in India yesterday said a third post mortem is to be carried out on the body.
Initial results of the post mortem examination on Badri Patarkatsishvili are due after the 52-year-old collapsed at his country mansion outside Leatherhead, Surrey, on Tuesday night.