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The new rule, which is designed to cut postal fraud, is expected to go into effect in April, according to USPS spokeswoman Terri Bouffiou.
IN America, perennial presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche is convicted of postal fraud.
COUNCIL chiefs today assured residents that there is no evidence of local election postal fraud in their borough.
Shadow Constitutional Affairs Secretary Oliver Heald said: "Questions must be asked why Labour Ministers are sitting on their hands, and whether they are failing to clamp down on postal fraud for partisan reasons.
A timely win for the beers with this quick entry from Peter McGann from Maryhill, Glasgow - though he hasn't sent us his address in the email - who points out: "I see that Albert Craig has been done for postal fraud, but he's still getting to claim that he's a footballer.
FORMER football star Albert Craig is facing jail after stealing more than pounds 40,000 in a postal fraud.
Earlier this month, a judge ruled there was widespread postal fraud in Birmingham during elections in June last year.
Judge Richard Mawrey ordered new elections in Aston and Bordesley Green after upholding allegations of postal fraud relating to seats won by Labour.
The investigation was started following the widespread postal fraud uncovered in the 2004 local election, which led to the sacking of six Labour councillors.
An illegal immigrant has admitted taking part in a pounds 16,000 postal fraud.
Coun Abdul Aziz was elected to represent Aston ward in July 2005 in a by-election following the postal fraud scam which disrupted the local election.