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POST MARK. A stamp or, mark put on letters in the post office.
     2. Post marks are evidence of a letter having passed through the post office. 2 Camp. 620; 2 B. & P. 316; 15 East, 416; 1 M. & S. 201; 15 Com. R. 206.

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In fact, Indiana just became the first state to utilize electronic postal marking in its legal system.
Of special note is the explanation of design varieties, production methods, collecting formats, postal markings, quality and condition criteria.
He studied and collected octagonal postal markings and authored several articles on local postal cancelations.
Concorde was big news and collectors avidly sent off their envelopes for the special postal markings.
Postal markings applied to letters and packages carried by railway are widely sought by specialist collectors and Mr Tann has studied the postmarks for a number of years.