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POSTMAN, Eng. law. A barrister in the court of exchequer, who has precedence in: motions.

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Dog attacks are a significant issue faced by postmen and women, members of the public and indeed by myself and my volunteers when out leafleting.
The postal department has not approved the petrol bills of postmen and delivery agents since the last one year and this way they stand deprived of petrol allowance.
e details emerged as Royal Mail launched an awareness drive to highlight the risks dogs posed to postmen and women.
Delivery office manager Jim Davies said: "We are delighted that Mr Davies took the time to experience the everyday challenges faced by our delivery postmen and women.
The affected postmen have written to the House Finance Committee and to the relevant ministries (Communications and Finance) asking for an exemption from the freeze.
Legal experts have also asserted that Royal Mail staff, which includes 170,000 postmen and postwomen, committing a breach could also face internal discipline.
It can leave the postmen traumatised and nervous about going back to work after an episode like this.
There were 298 dog attacks on postmen and women in Wales in 2009 out of a total of 5,091 nationally across the whole of the UK.
The annual award goes to the postmen and women who go the extra mile in the communities where they live and work.
I AM one of the overpaid and underworked postmen criticised by Jennie Flynn in the Sunday Mercury.
Many postmen and women have walked miles into work today, shared lifts and helped each other to make it in.
A PACK of wild dogs led by a vicious Alsatian named Hitler became such a threat to postmen that deliveries had to be suspended for seven months.

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