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Instead, get some old pot-pourri and add drops of scented oil such as lavender, rose or vanilla.
Thousands of companies use Lebermuth's essential oils and fragrances in their products, including: candles, pot-pourri, soap, Aromatherapy products, personal care and cosmetics.
Officers have also found needle cases specially made for the Royal Household as gifts for dignitaries and pot-pourri bowls made for the Queen of Jordan.
Even when the flowers start to fade, the fragrant seeds are wonderful in aromatic pot-pourri.
Disc-spinners for the evening are DJ Steve and Miss Havisham and the night is delightfully described as a camp pot-pourri of cheese,disco and New Romantics.
Ceramics are always a favourite and there is something for all tastes, from an unusual Goss teapot in the form of a traditional Welsh lady, to a rare Chamberlain's Worcester pot-pourri depicting a Bristol scene.
The National Trust is to be congratulated for promoting the publication of these papers from an academic conference on Vanbrugh held at Castle Howard in 1999 which will be a welcome contrast to the pot-pourri and picture books in its gift shops.
The third section forms a pot-pourri of identifications.
Perhaps its most important use is to add a lemon scent to pot-pourri.