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Still, however, this is at least preferable to the 466mg found in potato crisps.
Although no single product in this sector is as popular as potato crisps in the UK, the combined sales value of popular new products, such as gourmet popcorn, means that the value of this sector represents almost half of total market value.
Consumers consider potato crisps and other savoury snacks to be affordable luxuries as even premium products are cheaper than many other foods in general.
This is a strange decision when most potato crisps are eaten while drinking beer, often with a religious name
Specifically, participants were asked to report the number of servings eaten of fruit (excluding fruit juice and dried fruit), vegetables (excluding juices), and several categories of unhealthy foods like biscuits/cookies, potato crisps, and cakes/muffins.
3 million bags of potato crisps in Japan after fragments of glass were found.
Cod, peas, pancetta & sweet potato crisps (4) INGREDIENTS: 4 portions thick cod fillet; olive oil; salt and freshly ground black pepper; 8 slices grilled, crispy pancetta; 200g/7oz cauliflower and potato mash; 4 thin strips of sweet potato, deep-fried.
The national TV advert sees Simon carefully crafting canaps of mini baked potatoes with caviar, sour cream and chive and brandade with violet potato crisps for his restaurant guests.
London, June 5 ( ANI ): Eva Longoria has transitioned from being a star in prime time TV hit series 'Desperate Housewives' to advertising potato crisps.
Ingredients made at Contract Chemicals' Knowsley Business Park base are used in products from antibiotics to photographic paper and salt and vinegar potato crisps.
A 25g serving of the crisps-baked, finely-sliced pieces of bread-contained between 101 and 107 calories and a third less fat than standard potato crisps, claimed the company.
French fries and potato crisps are the most consumed industrially processed potato products in Kenya, especially in the major urban centers [2, 3].