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Respecto a las pautas terapeuticas es fundamental que el tratamiento medico de los factores de riesgo cardiovascular ha de poder interaccionar farmacologicamente con los medicamentos inmunosupresores ya que al ser estos mas potentes y efectivos la supervivencia del paciente trasplantado depende cada vez mas de la prevencion eficacia de la morbilidad y mortalidad cardiovascular.
Jason Bourne's lover Franka Potente (Jason Bourne films, Run Lola Run), Tom Weston-Jones (The Night Watch, MI-5), and executive producer Christina Wayne (Mad Men, The Prisoner) will attend MIPTV for the launch of Cineflix Studios' new gripping crime series Copper .
And when you add superstars from Hong Kong, Japan and Germany ( Chow- Yun Fat, Ken Watanabe and Franka Potente respectively), the mix is just right to woo a global market.
In the film, Lola, played by Franka C Potente, has to run from her apartment to her boyfriend who got himself into hot water.
This well-made British horror film stars Franka Potente as a girl locked in the Tube system at night, trying to avoid a Gollum-like killer.
Mr Moseley, principal computer officer at Leicester University and a keen medieval researcher, used his dual expertise to conjure up writing styles for the Book of Monsters, ancient text in Moste Potente Potions and parts of the Marauder's Map.
The second film based on Robert Ludlum's bestsellers about a government-trained assassin stars Matt Damon, Franka Potente and Joan Allen.
Vir poesie--gesien as 'n beknopte, verskerpte taal--taal in haar mees intense vorm, die mees potente vorm van letterkunde--geld hierdie idee van letterkunde as bliksemstraal, as 'n vloeiing en ontploffing van begeerte, des te meer.
Since 1997, Columbia Pictures Germany produced only one hit, Anatomy, a thriller starring Run Lola Run's red-haired Franka Potente, which drew two million viewers (one million is considered the benchmark for a success in Germany).
Since that time, Reubens has acted in film and television, earning an Emmy nomination for his recurring role on TV's Murphy Brown and garnering critical acclaim in Ted Demme's Blow, where he joined a cast including Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz and Franka Potente.
Thriller, starring Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Chris Cooper, Clive Owen, Brian Cox, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Gabriel Mann and Julia Stiles.
Action thriller sequel, starring MatDamon, Brian Cox, Joan Allen, Julia StilesFranka Potente, Karl Urban, Gabriel Mann and Marton Csokas.