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No potential field was applied during Experiment A in order to isolate the differences between each control method.
The notion an alpha field is associated to any potential field that can be described by two dimensionless field parameters [alpha] and [alpha]'.
We wish to thank the authorities of the University for the provision of computer facilities and the USGS for use of their potential field software for gravity data processing and interpretation.
Thus, these foregut derivatives share in a potential field phenomenon for carcinogenesis with the probability that the rates of clinical cancer in each site is most likely related to the relative surface area of the field within each site.
But it will take more money than the county now has to build a database that narrows the potential field of causes and points toward the best strategies to help more babies survive.
This is also close to a number of potential field trips including Cumberland Island, St.
s potential field of endeavor is staggering, for thousands of women led silent, secret cloistered lives, chronicled in sister-books, but rarely considered by men in search of a systematic definition of the history of medieval spirituality.
The resulting UCNs are confined in a potential field V (x) produced by the interaction of the magnetic moment of a neutron and a spatially varying magnetic field
But the potential field loss has upset some people.
If that means you only get 40 out of a potential field of 120, you just adjust the prize money,'' said Lewis, who hopes to add senior (45-over) and super-senior (65-over) tours for the 2006 season.
Another potential field is that of temporary life cover for space tourists, now a credible proposition since Dennis Tito paid $20 million to become the first space voyager who went along solely for the ride in April 2001.

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