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It has a 17-inch power stroke and 175-pound draw weight.
So we allocate the curve to a cylinder assigned to each portion of the stroke (720 degrees/number of cylinders), so the high frequency from a cylinder in the power stroke will occur while another cylinder is exhausting.
Light in weight and high in speed, the Strykezone 380--built by the wizards at BowTech--is one helluva crossbow, cramming a long power stroke into compact real estate.
By drinking post-workout chocolate milk you will increase your daily calcium intake, and increase the likelihood of an optimal power stroke.
As you push back from the catch position, you transition to the power stroke.
In this position, the piston is beginning to move downward on the power stroke.
dealerships that have exceptional power stroke diesel growth.
The company is working with developers to introduce plug-ins such as Nik Software's Viveza, PictureCode's Noise Ninja, Digital Film Tools' Power Stroke, The Tiffen Company's Dfx, dvGarage's dpMatte and a number of plug-ins from Image Trends, to Aperture.
Shortly after the piston in the power cylinder reaches its top dead center position, the gas is transferred to the power cylinder and fired to produce the power stroke.
4 liter Power Stroke Diesel and sequential turbochargers and you have a combination that Texas autowriters have found impossible to beat.