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Wayne plans to buy himself a new car and treat his family including his brother Terence to a new practical joke book.
April Fool day (April 1) is always marked by the people especially youth through playing good humored or funny jokes, hoaxes, and other practical jokes of varying sophistication on friends, family members, teachers, neighbors and work associates.
BUT what about if I played a practical joke on you now and it took ages and was not funny and made no sense and I laughed and you did not?
The Saturdays as they have some serious practical jokes up their sleeves for the girls.
She doesn't want any practical jokes played at the wedding and she's not kidding," Contactmusic quoted a source as telling the National Enquirer.
Three years ago I filled up an empty box of Viagra with Smarties and put it in my nan's cracker and put hair growth cream in my dad's" - TV chef Jamie Oliver, pictured, on his penchant for practical jokes.
He undertakes the daunting task of recalling his life with a chronological series of practical jokes that he has pulled on friends work associates and strangers.
Workers were now playing just four practical jokes on colleagues a year, as opposed to one a month 12 months ago, said the report by new TV channel Comedy Central.
While there are many ways to measure civilization, we're not fooling when we say that a good sense of humor - and tolerance of a few harmless practical jokes - is among the marks of an advanced one.
To limit his study strictly to the comic within the plays, he addresses that intriguing and dangerous subgenre of jesting known as practical jokes, a term derived from the "practice," or trick.
Yorkshiremen are also the biggest pranksters, playing the most practical jokes on friends and family, the survey by the Ocean Village cruise company found.

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