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DIPLOMACY., The science which treats of the relations and interests of nations with nations.

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25) In 1919, there appeared an abbreviated "English rendering" of Callieres' book, under the title The Practice of Diplomacy edited by a member of the British delegation at the Versailles conference, A.
Schneider , PhD is Distinguished Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, as well as a Senior Non-Resident Fellow at the Brookings Institution.
Ambassador Nicholas Burns, Professor of the Practice of Diplomacy and International Politics, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; Former Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs
Schneider is Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy at Georgetown University and a senior non-resident fellow at the Brookings Institution.
Carl Dahlman from the program in Science, Technology and International Affairs contributes an article in the first issue on the challenge of the knowledge economy for Latin America, and Jose Maria Aznar, distinguished professor in the practice of diplomacy at Georgetown and former prime minister of Spain, offers a paper entitled "Latin America: An Agenda for Freedom.

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