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So, the man of literature makes good, to my notion, for he pays, cheerful, for everything, the capital of me and Tobin being exhausted by prediction.
The prediction cut curiously close to the truth; forty-one years after the catastrophe, the remains were cast forth at the foot of the glacier.
Bumble's glance, however; for that functionary, on whom the prediction of the gentleman in the white waistcoat had made a very strong impression, thought that now the undertaker had got Oliver upon trial the subject was better avoided, until such time as he should be firmly bound for seven years, and all danger of his being returned upon the hands of the parish should be thus effectually and legally overcome.
Nothing gives me more grief on Twitter, or on the Six-0-Six radio phone-in lines, than my predictions for a Premier League season.
One of important information resources in capital market is information and predictions made by the companies' managers for market.
The predictions will help consumers know what types of prices to expect on a breadth of items, from 4K TVs to KitchenAid mixers to Beats headphones.
Following overwhelmingly positive feedback during the recent EURO 2008, this new feature enables users to submit their predictions on all major leagues and tournaments on Footbo.
As clairvoyants make their predictions for 2007, they foresee no major earthquakes looming for Southern California.
predictions for performance on an exam) match actual performance (e.
To understand something is to be able to make predictions about it.

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