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noun abortion, abortive attempt, abortive effort, bad behavior, breakdown, cadere, collapse, default, defeat, disappointment, downfall, failure, fiasco, frustration, futile effort, hopeless failure, ineffectiveness, innffectual attempt, loss, lost labor, misadventure, mischance, misconduct, misfire, mistake, negative reeult, noncompletion, nonfulfillment, nonperformance, overthrow, parum procedere, perdition, rout, ruin, secus procedere, stoppage, successlessness, total loss, unlawful act, unproductivity, vain attempt, vain effort
Associated concepts: miscarriage of justice
See also: accident, disaster, failure, misfortune

MISCARRIAGE, med. jurisp. By this word is technically understood the expulsion of the ovum or embryo from the uterus within the first six weeks after conception; between that time and before the expiration of the sixth month, when the child may possibly live, it is termed abortion. When the delivery takes place soon after the sixth month, it is denominated premature labor. But the criminal act of destroying the foetus at any time before birth, is termed in law, procuring miscarriage. Chit. Med. Jur. 410; 2 Dunglison's Human Physiology, 364. Vide Abortion; Foetus.

MISCARRIAGE, contracts, torts. By the English statute of frauds, 29, C. II., c. 3, s. 4, it is enacted that "no action shall be brought to charge the defendant upon any special promise to answer for the debt, default, or miscarriage of another person, unless the agreement," &c. "shall be in writing," &c. The word miscarriage, in this statute comprehends that species of wrongful act, for the consequences of which the law would make the party civilly responsible. The wrongful riding the horse of another, without his leave or license, and thereby causing his death, is clearly an act for which the party is responsible in damages, and therefore, falls within the meaning of the word miscarriage. 2 Barn. & Ald. 516; Burge on Sur. 21.

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prevention of venous thromboembolism), but does not appear to prevent pregnancy loss.
A study has been conducted in Sindh, a province of Pakistan to assess the role of antioxidant on maternal and fetus health mothers with a history of recurrent pregnancy loss were studied.
Claire Nicogossian, a Catholic psychologist in Rhode Island who has experienced pregnancy loss herself, couldn't agree more about the importance of liturgy and ritual in gaining closure after a miscarriage or stillbirth.
The researchers found that these women were 50 to 75 percent less likely to experience a pregnancy loss, compared to those who had not experienced nausea alone or nausea accompanied by vomiting.
She added: "All maternity hospitals/ units will establish or develop further Bereavement Specialist Teams to support parents, families and professionals dealing with pregnancy loss.
He identified the possible causes of early pregnancy loss, pointing out that recurrence increases if there is a history attached.
The products of any pregnancy loss before 26 weeks' gestation are therefore considered 'early pregnancy loss' and should be considered medical waste.
Phthalates and BPA may reduce fecundability through several mechanisms, including ovulation, conception, and subclinical pregnancy loss.
Objective: To determine the association of factor V Leiden mutation with recurrent pregnancy loss.
Surgical management of early pregnancy loss has advantages over medical treatment.
The first section examines pregnancy loss and social support.