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PRELATE. The name of an ecclesiastical officer. There are two orders of prelates; the first is composed of bishops, and the second, of abbots, generals of orders, deans, &c.

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The prelate added that the Christian understanding of suffering is to give life to others in an ultimate act of love.
Rayappa who hails from a diocese in Andhra Pradesh said, "This attack on the Bishop is nothing but to teach him a lesson that the higher castes must always have a say on important diocesan matters, transfers and financial transactions, and that the prelate must listen to them because he is from a Dalit community.
Further all cinema halls in Kandy District will be closed as a expression of condolence over the demise of the chief Prelate of the Asgiriya Chapter.
The Prelate denied meddling in political affairs, saying: "Mr.
All we did was pray," the 52-year old prelate added.
Burke, an icon of conservative Catholics, is best known as the prelate who announced in 2004 that he would deny Holy Communion to Sen.
On the one hand the mark felt too easily hit, as in a barroom send-up of a local prelate.
The requirement for becoming a bishop was tonsure (postrizhenie), the ceremony during which the future prelate took his monastic vow.
Uninterested in family planning, no matter how handled, the wily prelate plays his trump card: we don't need to reduce population growth; just redistribute resources.
Bishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, will lead the congregation in remembrance and prayer.
The Legaspi prelate also took the opportunity to make an appeal for help to the bishops.
This man is using the resources given to him very well to develop the state' the Prelate said.