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Seven of the women reported they had been adequately prepared for menstruation, and they claimed minimal premenstrual tension.
Premenstrual Tension Syndrome Questionnaire scores also dropped significantly by a median of 14.
QMY wife suffers badly from premenstrual tension but drinks a lot of decaf tea and coffee, saying that she needs this because she is so tense.
Lauritzen Ch, Reuter HD, Repges R, Bohnert KJ, Schmidt U (1997) Treatment of premenstrual tension syndrome with Vitex agnus castus--Controlled, double-blind study versus pyridoxine.
Scores on the Premenstrual Tension Syndrome Scale significantly improved in both groups, decreasing from 15 to 5 in the patients given vitex and from 11 to 5 in the women taking the pyridoxine.
Ling's clinic, bills for visits with PMDD patients are usually coded with a diagnosis of either PMS or premenstrual tension syndrome.
She brought the case after the Board rejected her initial application, claiming women were unstable and prone to injury due to premenstrual tension.
When women are rude or moody it is always premenstrual tension that gets the blame.
Scientists believe they have found what causes premenstrual tension and reckon a small dose of the anti-depressant drug Prozac can stop the monthly miseries.
There is also National Association for Premenstrual Tension (NAPS) which can be contacted online at www.
It's the talk of the Toon, this new wonder pill for women ( no more premenstrual tension, it cuts the risk of breast cancer and it's also a contraceptive.