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Piles of boulders were collected at various spots to be rolled down upon an advancing enemy, stations were appointed to the different regiments, and all preparation was made which our joint ingenuity could suggest.
The gayety of the camp was at an end; all preparations for musk-rat trapping were suspended, and all hands sallied forth to examine the trail.
This preparation is called 'kokoo', and a most luscious preparation it is.
The Amar is placed in a vessel, and mixed with water until it gains a proper pudding-like consistency, when, without further preparation, t is in readiness for use.
1: Preparations for disinfection and cleaning and preparations for washing-disinfecting machines and hand washing dishes - 1.
Within the limitation of this study, the chamfer margin preparations of the teeth are preferred for cast metal crowns from biomechanical point of view.
Effective with the release of Producer Price Index (PPI) data for January 2010, PPI expanded and re-coded the detailed publication structure for prescription and non-prescription pharmaceutical preparations.
So it was no coincidence that the first preparations arrived (ref.
Biodynamic growers not only use all natural substances, but we also use special preparations that work with the active forces behind plant growth.
Abandonment of related property: Land preparation costs may derive their useful life from a closely related depreciable asset if abandoning the asset will result in abandoning the land preparations.
Offering preservice and beginning teachers the "first steps" toward this expertise is the greatest current challenge of teacher preparations programs.
A comparison of two different preparations (hot mount and epoxy) of a porous, loosely bound, honeycomb like ceramic sample is shown in Fig.

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