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Oil and gas companies usually do not include these prepayments in their reported financial debt.
The better-than-assumed default performance, had to some extent, compensated for the potential liquidity pressure arising from the lower-than-assumed cumulative prepayment rate of 7.
6603, a prepayment made as a deposit was referred to as a deposit in the nature of a cash bond.
But a prepayment option, bolstered by a recent IRS Private Letter Ruling, may be an attractive alternative to such plans--and avoid gift taxes altogether.
Board members concluded that, while the problems a prepayments standard would address are real, they're closely related to other issues in the broader project on present-value-based measurements and should be addressed in that project.
As mentioned earlier, we have received no specific complaints by consumers since the beginning of 1991 about the use of the Rule of 78s in prepayments and very few complaints about prepayment penalties of any sort.
1987: Interest Rate Variations, Mortgage Prepayments and Household Mobility.
In the current environment, elevated delinquencies and defaults are overriding to some extent the benefits of lower prepayments," said Bella.
It seems that as long us the prepayment is made directly to the school for tuition costs of specific individuals, it will not be treated us a completed girl for gift tax or GST tax purposes.
The Financial Accounting Standards Board removed from its technical agenda a project on investments with prepayment risk.
Location is important because if the mortgages are in an area that is experiencing net job-losses, such as New England, prepayments are likely to be accelerated.
com has been the leader in California Sales Tax Return filing, but many customers wanted to use the same great system to file their Sales Tax Prepayments, which is a requirement for many businesses.