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Bottom line: no matter what the water sport may be, wear a life preserver.
The site itself was chosen for functionary reasons as it naturally contained pottery production materials, such as Nile silt and water," said Nora Shawky, from Past Preservers.
One day an LPU-34B/P life preserver returned to the work center from the fleet.
Residents reported seeing some of refugees clinging to wreckage and trying to reach out to life preservers, but presumably not knowing how to swim to reach preservers that were sometimes just a few feet beyond their reach.
Mr Farese added: "We believe there were only four life preservers for the five passengers.
No one on the craft had time to get their life preservers on,'' saidpolice.
The American Wood Preservers Institute is a national trade association representing the pressure-treated wood industry in the United States.
There are also voluntary standards set by the American Wood Preservers Association.
The council also named blacksmith Yoshio Yokoyama, 71, thatcher Ryuzo Sumida, 76, and two other persons as preservers of craft techniques.
There are supposed to be about a dozen preservers in that area, but I could only find one.
Photo: Tom Allen measures rope for life preservers at the C alifornia Maritime Academy.