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The most one-arm press ups in five hours after achieving 8,794, using his right arm only and the most one arm push ups in one hour using the left arm only when he managed 1,868.
Upper body combined a two minute session of tricep dips, press ups and squat thrusts while the two minute leg sessions were a variety of exercises combining kick fit routines and using the medicine ball and resistance bands.
After calibrating the lowest rate at 63 beats per minute, (measured after lying on the bed for several minutes), and the highest at 120 after doing a few more press ups than I cared to, it was time for some tests.
Joe Six Pack looks increasingly like the athlete whose normal capacity is to do 50 press ups.
Session Two Complete the following sequence three times aiming for maximum repetitions: 1 minute of press-ups 1 minute of alternate leg lunges 1 minute of sit-ups 1 minute of burpees 1 minute of rest Session Four Complete the following sequence four times as quickly as possible: Run, cycle or row for 3 minutes 1 minute of squats 1 minute plank hold/bridge - hold for 20 seconds x 3 1 minute of press ups Monitor progress by noting distances covered and number of repetitions.
Wednesday 1 - 2 mile lampposts run Bicep curls with a resistance band 4 x 20 Tricep dips 4 x20 Shoulders, no weights, keep moving 2 x 40 seconds Plank 45 seconds Side plank 2 x 30 seconds per side Press ups, easy or hard version, 2 x 30 seconds As a warm-up, run to a long, straight road with lampposts where you do not have to stop every few seconds to cross.
Many short bursts of activity can be an effective alternative to prolonged periods of exercise, so while enjoying your favourite TV show, why not perform 10 press ups and sit ups during each ad break?