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On important issues, such as introducing pretrial conferences, a committee member was asked to prepare a separate memo to be discussed at the following committee meeting.
The clerk's computer program assigned all odd court identification numbers to the mediation sample and all even numbers to the pretrial conference sample.
3) The court's criminal pretrial procedures, including the matters typically discussed at preliminary pretrial conferences in criminal cases;
Kendall will attend the pretrial conference on behalf of the church and report to the assembly council in November.
Summary: Conditions are "not at all satisfactory" to commence trial in January, defense counsel for Mustafa Badreddine told the Special Tribunal for Lebanon trial chamber as it convened its first pretrial conference Tuesday.
announced that a final pretrial conference date of its pending patent infringement lawsuit has been set to occur on September 8, 2009.
A pretrial conference is scheduled to take place on December 20, 2010.
He is scheduled to return to Lane County Circuit Court in February for a pretrial conference with prosecutors.
The Court conducted a pretrial conference and ruled on certain pending pretrial motions.
Mediation may take place at the pretrial conference.