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The play accorded with claimed memories of previous lives expressed by the children when they could speak.
Kirby and I have worked together in many of his previous lives and he impresses me as a marketing expert who is also a competent technologist: a rare combination.
who interpret his words as meaning they've courted abuse by unedifying previous lives.
William Boyd's four-part adaptation of his own novel takes us on a fairly frantic journey through the 20th century, courtesy of the journals of Logan Mountstuart (Jim Broadbent), who recalls the misadventures of his previous lives (younger Logans are played by Sam Claflin and Matthew Macfadyen).
If you're curious about reincarnation and wonder if you've been suppressing memories of previous lives, then look at www.
Kim added: "I don't know what is special about the relationship between my son and the snake - whether they were related in their previous lives - but they certainly can't be separated.
To assess the relative strength of children's claims to remember previous lives, the author has developed a strength-of-case scale that assigns weights to features of each case that are more suggestive of a paranormal explanation.
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