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The organized setting of what the public will be charged for certain products or services agreed to by competitors in the marketplace in violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act (15 U.S.C.A. § 1 et seq.).

Horizontal price-fixing involves agreements to set prices made among one particular class of sellers—such as producers, wholesalers, or retailers.

Vertical price-fixing occurs between different categories of the sellers of products and services, such as between a manufacturer and wholesaler, wholesaler and distributor, or distributor and retailer.


Antitrust Law.

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The first method of reducing price-fixing exposure is to isolate all competitors involved in the MCV from pricing decisions.
Freed Kanner London & Millen is also investigating related price-fixing claims against the manufacturers of Instrument Panel Clusters, Fuel Senders and Heat Control Panels.
The lawsuits follow a series of international price-fixing investigations involving the same parties.
Virgin reportedly tipped off authorities to alleged BA price-fixing.
Being let off their fine is not as welcome but maybe next time they'll think harder about entering into a price-fixing arrangement.
Argos said: "We completely refute any price-fixing activity.
If ultimately approved by a federal judge, the settlement would increase to about $1 billion the total amount to be paid by brokerages to settle price-fixing allegations.
Two physicians terminated from participation in an HMO brought a Sherman Act suit against the plan's IPA, alleging price-fixing and group boycott.
SAN DIEGO -- The law firm of Johnson Bottini, LLP is currently investigating governmental allegations of price-fixing in the market for refrigeration systems compressors.
The Hebei Price-Fixing Bureau has assigned people to monitor the price fixing policy and ensure its successful implementation.
The OFT said the price-fixing had been serious and in some cases long-term, and that a large scale fine had been set to reflect that.
SIR; It has been recently reported the OFT is investigating once again the supply of milk in Scotland following allegations of price-fixing.