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She had not been prepared for such passionate expressions, and they awakened some natural sparks of feminine pride and joy in her breast.
The noise of this vocal performance awakened the other man, who, staggering upon deck and shaking his late opponent by the hand, swore that singing was his pride and joy and chief delight, and that he desired no better entertainment.
Another newcomer to the PRIDE AND JOY collection is Liberty Belle; after placing her right hand over her heart, she recites the &uot;Pledge of Allegiance.
We're not talking a whole lot of monetary damage, but this is the city's pride and joy,'' said Deputy Mike McPolin, a graffiti investigator.
In a statement her parents, sisters and brother said yesterday: "Joy Soffe, our pride and joy, has gone to heaven aged 13.
A TRIP to Royal Ascot was merely for pleasure, but it was back to business for Pride And Joy at Brighton yesterday.
It's raised a few eyebrows as it looks like it will now clash with the start of Cowell's pride and joy.
Dealer Paul Cummings, 50, said from his showroom in Peterlee, Co Durham: "It was his pride and joy.
AS a young mechanic Ron Birch was delighted with his new Ford Cortina, and now, 39 years later, it is still his pride and joy.
Whatever the apprentice's allowance, Pride And Joy is still carrying 7lb more than he would be if he wasn't carrying a 7lb penalty.