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In truth, the Prima range represents somewhat of a departure for the Indian truck and bus manufacturer.
However, with the Prima range, the manufacturer has striven to provide specifications equal to those offered by its European competitors.
Depending on the options selected by the customer, a Prima 4x2 tractor will cost approximately AED 220,000 (less than $60,000).
Un techo resistente al granizo puede ahorrarle entre el uno y el 34 por ciento de la prima, dependiendo del historial de dano por granizo en su comunidad;
La instalacion de un sistema anti robos puede ahorrarle hasta el 15 por ciento de la prima y los pestillos fijos y otros dispositivos podrian ahorrarle el cinco por ciento;
Un sistema de rociadores para controlar incendios, podria ahorrarle el ocho por ciento de su prima anual de seguro de propietario de vivienda.
I mentioned Gupta's plight and asked Primas about the wisdom of wiping out taxpaying businesses in a city that has none to spare.
Primas told a story involving the bank for which he now works.
We have a long-term interest in expanding Materias Primas to include other industrial minerals in Mexico and we are committed to making the capital expenditures necessary to increase capacity to handle Vitro's future growth plans.
Prima Solutions believes that both technology and industry-specific standards are essential if clients are to solve their collaboration and integration problems and accelerate their business strategies -- whether they are to run, grow or transform their businesses," said Hugues Delannoy, President and CEO of Prima Solutions.
This contribution by Prima Solutions demonstrates its commitment to industry standards and to the standards development community in which it operates.