Principal contract

PRINCIPAL CONTRACT. One entered into by both parties, on their own accounts, or in the several qualities they assume. It differs from an accessory contract. (q.v.) Vide Contract.

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Total quantity or scope: The maximum value of the contract includes the amount of the principal contract + supplementary orders and the ability to complete the contract in the amount of 120% (right option), which amounts to 12,214,686.
3 percent) and notional principal contract income (13.
Significant attention is allotted to the principal contract work and sub-contracted efforts may suffer due to a lack of experience and/or an absence of long-term client-vendor relationships.
1092 straddle rules; any notional principal contract with respect to the commodity; or any evidence of an interest in, or a derivative financial instrument in, any commodity It is also important to note that only commodities traded on organized commodities exchanges satisfy this definition.
al-Khoury told The Daily Star at the protest site there were six principal contract demands that bank employees refused to budge on, the most important of which concern post-retirement health care coverage for employees and an increase in school and university tuition benefits, which have been frozen at LL2,750,000 since the old agreement lapsed.
TPE:2317), its principal contract manufacturer, and still have more than half left over.
Although Ascot is affiliated to ATR, the meeting belongs to the British Champions Series Ltd, which awarded the principal contract to the BBC and decided the non-terrestrial rights should be shared with Racing UK.
0 million in cash, a majority interest in the Mexican operations to its principal contract manufacturer who will operate this manufacturing facility.
The principal contract engineer said: "It costs pounds 1.
Eventually he was offered a principal contract in the 80-member DNB.
The total return swap qualifies as a notional principal contract (NPC) for U.
the principal contract of CAT, its logistics contract with Renault, is due to

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