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Employer provides start-up the entire amount by one-off repayment of the outstanding principal part of the debts incurred by the Municipality in accordance with Resolution No.
euro]e cast includes actors Nathan Ives-Moiba, above, who takes the principal part while Lyle Barke takes the part of Utterson, the London lawyer who investigates the strange occurrences between his old friend Dr Jekyll and the evil Edward Hyde.
It should be remembered that 250m people depend on fishing for their livelihoods and fish forms the principal part of the diet of a billion.
A very rare opportunity has arisen to purchase the principal part of the historical Kirklees Hall.
Rachel, looking forward to her first principal part, says: "Everyone is really excited to be performing at Northern Stage.
Neka Zang booked a principal part in a regional production of 42nd Street immediately after graduating from New York City's American Musical and Dramatic Academy in 2003.
This expansion into Mexico is a principal part of our long-term strategic initiatives," said C.
Prince Sultan bin Salman, chairman of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities, told an audience at a UNESCO conference that Saudi Arabia is investing in its national heritage as "a principal part of future development.
Transportation has also been improved; Jiangbei International Airport constructed its third terminal and runway; Guoyuan Port, the largest inland hub of China, completed the principal part of its phase-II construction; Yuxin'ou Railway, which runs from Chongqing to Europe via Xinjiang, is already open to traffic.
Back in the 1960s Thailand played an important role in regional politics, not to mention its principal part in establishing ASEAN.
They were, as Churchill later wrote, 'to form a principal part of the great plan'.
For the first part each participant will be taught a number of songs from the show and will then sing in a group and individually, if they wish to be considered for a principal part.