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She pushes the print-outs into a neat pile with the most promising one on the top.
The portraits are all digital print-outs of the artist's work and the gallery made sure to inform us that there was "no photoshopping" in any of the pictures.
Lynsey Colling, prosecuting, said police who seized Winnard's computer also found print-outs in his car and in a hold-all, where they also found children's underwear.
Users to easily 'go green' with the new range of MFPs with the Eco Print button, which allows for economic and easy print-outs in 2-up and 600dpi resolution, saving paper, toner, and time, the statement said.
com and there is a huge selection of castle print-outs - from fairy castles to dragon castles to colour in.
This helps keep documents secure by requiring users to swipe a card at the print station before print-outs are released.
This amazing CD-Rom is packed full of film clips, games, activities, puzzles, print-outs and an exclusive "Dance like a Chipmunk" video routine.
Hundreds of fans arrived with email print-outs and credit cards, and we had to check every transaction manually.
The documents include confidential witness statements, memos, a police bail notice, a charge document, a custody record and print-outs of police e-mails.
Don't, incidentally, mess with type sizes defined with 'pt'--that is for doing hard copy print-outs.
Well, when I am reading a stack of print-outs from a website, I can sit, perhaps in a park, perhaps in a comfy chair with a glass of something (or just a coffee), perhaps with a mini-cigar on my break.