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She pushes the print-outs into a neat pile with the most promising one on the top.
The portraits here are digital print-outs and each of them is different.
People who like to have the flexibility of picking and choosing the best bits for their travel itineraries, but still prefer a proper book over a wad of print-outs.
The documents include confidential witness statements, memos, a police bail notice, a charge document, a custody record and print-outs of police e-mails.
Don't, incidentally, mess with type sizes defined with 'pt'--that is for doing hard copy print-outs.
Well, when I am reading a stack of print-outs from a website, I can sit, perhaps in a park, perhaps in a comfy chair with a glass of something (or just a coffee), perhaps with a mini-cigar on my break.
Therefore, Design Plus goes beyond computer print-outs.
RUUD van Nistelrooy is producing the computer print-outs that tell Sir Alex Ferguson he will play in the Champions League first leg clash with AC Milan next month.
This will ensure that users get their print-outs in less time, according to TallyGenicom.
Even if a person makes a photocopy of documents bearing such patterns by using non-Ricoh copiers, the resultant print-outs will be garbled because hitherto-masked characters reading ''Duplication Unauthorized'' will suddenly appear on the surface of copies, the company said.
This document, presented in PowerPoint slide print-outs, discusses the Kentucky Community and Technical College System's role as strategic partner in Kentucky's economic and workforce development system.
They were typed on a postcard, which I had to provide, stamped and self addressed -unlike today's foolscap envelopes enclosing manicured computer print-outs.