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All such private militias are mostly from Afghan nationals but due to having special links with CIA, they are above the law in Afghanistan.
The State must come down on all those fanning sectarian and ethnic divides, and nobody should be allowed to form private militias.
We found that people have acquired weapons and made groups like private militias and they challenge the writ of the state, and the state began to recede.
Everywhere in Eastern Europe such right-wing private militias and vigilantes have grown.
Experts believe that the strategy of states to fight against terrorists through private militias, whether raising ISIS in Iraq or recruiting private groups in Pakistan, has always been counterproductive.
Until the extremist narrative is challenged, militant economy choked and the policy of using private militias for foreign policy objectives stopped, the hydra-headed monster will continue to strike.
Immediate recruitment of tribal private militias was then entrusted to the then governor of Northern Bahr el Ghazal state, Paul Malong Awan.
A country where private militias are carving out turf, armed groups are seizing control of public buildings and assets, and there are daily gun battles between rival factions - all made worse by a powerless central government that has no authority beyond the outskirts of Tripoli, and little within.
They are at the mercy of private militias in the pay of big businesses.
Indeed, the Western private militias were respected henceforth.
Over the long term, security has worsened in every area that these private militias have operated.
12) Traffickers established private militias to protect their business interests.

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