Pro Tanto

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Pro Tanto

[Latin, For so much; for as much as one is able; as far as it can go.] A term that refers to a partial payment made on a claim.

In an Eminent Domain case, pro tanto describes the partial payment made by the government for the taking of land. This payment is given Without Prejudice, and the petitioner can maintain an action for the full amount of the land.

A pro tanto defense is a defendant's counter-claim against the plaintiff for one-half the requested damages.

pro tanto

(proh tahn-toe) Latin for only to that extent. Example: a judge gives an order for payments for one year, pro tanto.

PRO TANTO. For so much. See 17 Serg. & Rawle, 400.

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So we have a pro tanto reason to perform such actions, and the subjective justification of that reason is independent of other moral claims.
The central thesis of this book is that a certain kind of reason--a pro tanto reason--requires free will, or the ability to do otherwise.
to a less demanding one, one that simply requires that the thing be pro tanto good, or good in some respect:
The key to answering the above question will therefore be to understand whether the fact that a critique of someone's deeply held cultural convictions (in a very inclusive sense of 'criticising' that includes rational argument, satire, mockery and ridicule, whether verbal or non--verbal) hurts the criticized person's cultural sensitivity or shows disrespect for her culturally embedded beliefs is in itself a moral pro tanto reason for refraining from this particular criticism.
If the renter or operator of the vehicle is uninsured or has less than $500,000 combined single limit coverage, the rental company is liable for up to an additional $500,000 in economic damages only, reduced pro tanto by the coverage of the vehicle operator.
In the early 1980s, before Internal Revenue Code [sections] 130, defendants and/or their insurers owned structured settlement annuities that only discharged their obligations pro tanto.
where the Court permitted the bifurcation of a single lease that covered two floors, and approved the assignment of the lease pro tanto for only one of those floors.
Those who had access--Leon Henderson, Averell Harriman, Edward Stettinius --were deemed to be, pro tanto, men of power.
The author then focuses his attention on the relation between aesthetic and moral values and claims that, if the notion of functional beauty makes any sense at all, then we have a pro tanto case for holding that moral defects in works of architecture can have aesthetic merits.
Still, she contends that if an agent takes herself to have reason to A, she is, at least, pro tanto, motivated to A.
9) If an estate expense is paid out of the corpus of a marital deduction gift, the marital deduction amount is pro tanto reduced,(10) because a marital deduction is given only for the amount that actually "passes" from a decedent to the surviving spouse.