Pro Tem

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Pro Tem

[Latin, For the time being.] An abbreviation used for pro tempore, Latin for "temporary or provisional."

A person who acts as a temporary substitute serves pro tem. The term is often used to describe the acting head of a governing body, such as the president pro tem of the Senate, who presides over the Senate when the vice president is unable to do so.

pro tem

1) adj. short for the Latin "pro tempore", temporarily or for the time being. In law, judge pro tem normally refers to a judge who is sitting temporarily for another judge or to an attorney who has been appointed to serve as a judge as a substitute for a regular judge. When an appeals justice is not available or there is a vacancy, a lower court judge is appointed Justice Pro Tem until a new Justice is appointed. Small claims cases are often heard by an attorney serving as Judge Pro Tem. 2) n. short for a temporary judge as "Sam Collins is Pro Tem today."

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Westlake Village: Mayor Susan McSweeney, Mayor Pro Tem Jim Bruno, council members Mark Rutherford, Philipa Klessig, Robert Slavin (818) 706-1613
Calabasas: Mayor Barry Groveman, Mayor Pro Tem Dennis Washburn, council members Mary Sue Maurer, James Bozajian, Jonathon Wolfson (818) 878-4225
The mayor pro tem is in line to become mayor the following year.
Councilwoman Marsha McLean was named mayor pro tem on a 4-1 vote.
Richards said: "I accepted the positions of President & Chief Executive Officer of Intercell International Pro Tem, to allow the Board of Directors an opportunity to identify and hire an individual with established credentials, reputation and experience to lead the Company to its next significant level in exploiting the opportunity provided by the acquisition of a controlling interest in Brunetti.
I congratulate Mayor Pro Tem, Chris Mears and Mitch Goldstone, one of our board members, for championing the cause and letting our fellow Americans know that California cares," said Benoe.
Thousand Oaks: Mayor Claudia Bill-de la Pena, (805) 449-2103; Mayor Pro Tem Dennis C.
Agoura Hills: Mayor Ed Corridori, (818) 597-7375; Mayor Pro Tem Denis Weber, (818) 597-7371; council members Dan Kuperberg, (818) 597-7372; Jeff Reinhardt, (818) 597-7373; John Edelston (818) 597-7374
The Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) today sent letters to California State Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg and Senate President Pro Tem John Burton strongly opposing two bills there that it says would irreparably damage the technology industry in California.
Local officials Simi Valley: Mayor Paul Miller; Mayor Pro Tem Barbra Williamson; council members Glen Becerra, Michelle Foster, Steven T.
Lutz, Mayor Pro Tem of Santa Ana, was recently sworn in as the newest board member for the Orange County Water District (OCWD).
Now key legislative leadership in the form of Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuez, D-Los Angeles, and Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata, D-Oakland, have endorsed the plan to allow an independent panel to remake the maps.