Pro and con

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PRO AND CON. For and against. For example, affidavits are taken pro and con.

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A pair of bonus queries have been appended for further consideration, in which three definitions--one each for the "root word" and its two PRO and CON counterparts-have been offered.
One final thought-aside from its derivatives, there is only one lexicon entry which displays both PRO and CON.
The inclusion of pro and con statements is not required, but is a reflection of our confidence in the ability of our members to analyze the facts, assess the environment in which they work, and make the decision that is right for them and for their unions.
In 1992, more ink and more verbiage were devoted to Hillary Clinton, pro and con, than to any other woman in the United States - even Madonna.
While Cary Whitlock noted the first night of hearings was balanced with people both pro and con, by the second night, she said, the crowd was hostile.
resourceID=006183, presents pro and con quotes from diverse sources including: US Representative Nikki Tsongas (pro); US Senator Elizabeth Warren (con); Liz Borden, a mother whose children were victims of the bombing (pro); the Boston Bar Association (con); Ed Davis, Boston Police Commissioner (pro); and Boston Archbishop Sean O'Malley (con), among many others.
Members will begin receiving voting packets this week that will include a multipage summary of the proposed agreements in addition to pro and con addendums.