PROAVUS. Great grandfather. This term is employed in making genealogical tables.

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Muller (1973) described and illustrated Cambrian (Furongian) conodonts, including Cordylodus proavus Muller, 1959, from the uppermost part of the Mila Formation Member 4 in the Mila-Kuh section.
Obolus apollinis appears in he uppermost Cambrian (Cordylodus proavus Biozone) and occurs in abundance in the Cambrian-Ordovician boundary beds of NW Russia, forming the Obolus phosphorite deposits commercially mined near Kingisepp (Krasilnikova & Ilyin 1989).
According to Bogolepova & Gee (2004), the Khmelev Regional Stage in the South Urals includes the upper Furongian Cordylodus proavus Zone, whereas the Kidryas Regional Stage corresponds to the lower Tremadocian (Fig.