Process Server

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Process Server

A person authorized by law to deliver papers, typically the complaint, to the defendant.


Service of Process.

process server

n. a person who serves (delivers) legal papers in lawsuits, either as a profession or as a government official, such as a deputy sheriff, marshal or constable. (See: service of process)

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Many process servers can't afford to travel to out-of-area events, or leave their businesses to attend conferences.
In most states, there are no formal educational requirements to become a process server.
Then our headline--"Lenders' Search for Kevin Lewis Serious Business; Veteran Process Server Relates 'Look of Terror'"--made things even worse, he said.
Told Thursday that the process server has retained an attorney, Harris laughed and responded: ``I don't have any comment.
Ohio's servicers and attorneys have made strong efforts to battle the state's high rate of foreclosures, and the Ohio Professional Process Servers Association is in position to help servicers guide additional policies and maintain a high level of ethical standards in today's marketplace," Ashcraft said.
The system is readily available to log GPS locations with immediate, accurate response," New York City process server Ben Newman of Global Investigative Services said.
The process server "ended up on the hood of the car, then fell off when (Ghalib) drove away, and ended up with scratches and bruises," People magazine quoted Lt.
When we get a lot of elevator violations with corporate addresses, rather than having city process servers serve the ECB violations at $16 each," he said, "where our inspectors cannot serve them to a responsible party, we serve them on the Secretary of State as agent for the responsible corporation.
us), a national process server management company dedicated to improving the default servicing industry, today announced continued growth in 2007 triggered by the ongoing demands of the default industry.
Contract award: purchase additional licenses for ibm db2 and process server or equivalent, together with the provision of maintenance services and the provision of maintenance services for ibm informix.
As of today, you can now list your Process Server company for free.