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Holding: The court held that the taxpayer was not a professional gambler after it concluded that eight factors weighed against Bonaparte and one factor (the expectation the activity's assets will appreciate) was neutral.
I've met three men who claimed to be professional gamblers and all three asked me for a loan until payday .
Abbott only looked closely into his life as a bookmaker, a professional gambler, and a corrupter of politicians and police when she was old enough to understand what really fed her.
Some even fancy that they can be regarded by the IRS as a professional gambler engaging in a trade or business for profit.
PROFESSIONAL gambler Shaun Perry was in the money when Aegean Dancer, in whom he won a share in a newspaper competition, lifted the pounds 50,000 GNER Scottish Sprint Cup at Musselburgh yesterday.
Dorsey, a Marylander, received early education in the sport of kings from his uncle, who was a professional gambler, and there were tracks at Bowie and Pimlico and Havre de Grace, where he could have honed his skills as a youthful bettor.
The stars of the '72 flick -- Gene Hackman and Ernest Borgnine -- have been replaced with Kurt Russell as the former mayor of New York and Josh Lucas as a professional gambler who had been in the Navy, which gives him supposed insight into how to escape the overturned ship.
Career profiles are listed in alphabetical order, from accountant to zookeeper, and include such possibilities as crocodile hunter, professional gambler, special agent, and rock star, as well as less exotic professions.
In 1978 former champion jockey and now TV pundit John Francome was suspended for six weeks and fined pounds 750, while six years later Liverpool jockey Billy Newnes was banned for three years for accepting pounds 1,000 for information from professional gambler Harry Bardsley.
According to an article in The Outlook, "The more the facts become known as regards bribery and game-selling in baseball, the more evident it is that that professional gambler is at the root of the evil.
He becomes a soldier of fortune and later works as a professional gambler.
Poseidon's ensemble starring cast includes Academy Award and Emmy-nominated Kurt Russell (Silkwood, Elvis) as first-class passenger Robert Ramsey, and Josh Lucas (A Beautiful Mind, Sweet Home Alabama) as Dylan Johns, a professional gambler who makes a living at the ship's poker tables.

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