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I've met three men who claimed to be professional gamblers and all three asked me for a loan until payday.
The Mayo court, contrary to Offutt and subsequent cases, allowed a professional gambler to deduct ordinary and necessary business expenses under Sec.
A professional gambler and one of Liverpool FC's greatest-ever fans, he died on October 1, aged 77, leaving behind a treasure trove of magical memories for his family and friends - not least his exploits at Aintree
Professional gambler Marcus Bebb-Jones, who once won through to the final of a lucrative poker tournament in Birmingham, had denied killing his 31-year-old wife Sabrina in 1997.
Piper, who was jailed for 14 years at the Old Bailey in 2001 for trying to import pounds 18 million worth of cocaine into Britain, denied the charges, and told the court he earned nearly pounds 1m a year as a professional gambler.
The Counting Game: An Accountant Reveals How to Win at Blackjack is different from an ordinary "how-to" gambling guide in that author Alan Berg is not only a skilled professional gambler (so good at winning money through card counting he's been banned in casinos across America), but also a certified public accountant.
Fallon denied he was part of a plot to allow horses to lose so a syndicate run by professional gambler Miles Rodgers could win on bets.
It was a dream result for professional gambler Shaun Perry, who won a share in the horse in a competition in the Racing Post recently.
A FORMER EastEnders actor turned professional gambler was in the money today after winning the regional leg of a national poker competition.
The cash was seized from a pal of professional gambler Citrone at Newcastle Airport who said it was his stake in an international poker tournament.
It is unusual for a professional gambler not to ask for tips.
Shakespeare admitted he had altered information on his mobile phone records to disguise the fact he had telephoned the number of professional gambler and bookmaker Phil Taylor.

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