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He had opened it as noiselessly as only Raffles could open doors, and now he closed it in the same professional fashion.
This was particularly distasteful to the professionals, who carried themselves as befitted those of a higher caste, and whose behavior toward the pariah amateurs was marked by hauteur and even brutality.
I saw the "affinity between the two things," saw it in that afternoon's tireless warfare against the flower of professional cricket.
Among resident artists he enjoyed celebrity of a non- professional sort.
This is an age of professional poets, whom emperors and statesmen delight to honour.
The taking of Departure, if not the last sight of the land, is, perhaps, the last professional recognition of the land on the part of a sailor.
As to the latter part, I have no means of checking you," said I, "but at least it is not difficult to find out a few particulars about the man's age and professional career.
No one was deceived by his pretense of professional activity.
In that case I shall become a professional vagabond.
That, entering into Lydgate's position as a new-comer who had his own professional objects to secure, Mr.
The thing is, Johnny, you can't love dogs into doing professional tricks, which is the difference between dogs and women," Collins told his assistant.
The professional gentleman who used to do him died the other day in the Fleet--he had a turn for Rembrandts, and can't be easily replaced.

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