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The marginal impacts for the program variable can be calculated as: [partial derivative]y/[partial derivative]D - [delta] + [R.
Subjects: The subjects for the investigation of the effect of the two program variables on composite scores were graduates from a CSU elementary teacher credential program after one year of teaching (N = 994) and their employment supervisors (N = 242).
There were no significant findings for any of the four investigated program variables.
Dummy coding was used for program variables to improve power by reducing the number of independent variables (Cohen & Cohen, 1983).
These probabilities are cumulative as they result from the sequential observation of additional program variables.
Results for both white and black teens are similar when per capita income is included directly in the regression (using the AFDC program variables as instruments).
Program variables may include availability of resources and quality of staff.
A variable staffing model that at least attempts to deal with program variables, patient acuity and the evolving market place should be developed before staff are hired.
Now, by adding LucidEra as a strategic partner we can show clients a simple-to-use, yet powerful analytic application for use in both planning and monitoring the program variables required for market success.
Automated reasoning about feasible paths and program variables is used to identify tricky defects, including defects that result from complex interactions among procedures.

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