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Hillary Clinton--a staunch supporter of abortion rights--spoke last year about working with the prolife movement to realize a common goal of fewer abortions.
Kaufmann believes that dialogue is not just a feel-good activity or political sound bite; it is the most productive outlet for the prolife movement.
I often refer to the "seamless garment" approach to being prolife, and I think we Catholics are called to so much more than just marching and carrying signs.
church leaders and prolife activist groups have long been concerned that great numbers of Catholic elected officials are ignoring this prolife doctrine with state merits that appear to be pro-abortion.
And I can't get excited about a prolife movement that insists on bringing every fetus to life--and then just stops there.
Though mainline sources of news tend to ignore the conflict--as they do most issues that would lend credence to a prolife orientation--the struggle is real.
The problem thus far--and I believe the prolife movement has been especially complicit in this--is that we have focused only on abortion and not on women's needs.
Dechant's strong prolife leadership, the Supreme Office of the Knights of Columbus and state and local councils have contributed millions of dollars over the years to the pro-life cause through donations and in-kind contributions.
As usual, Cairo+5--which convened to discuss implementation of the directives of the International Conference on Population and Development held in Cairo in 1994--was the site of a pitched battle between population controllers and prolife advocates, including two representatives of Campaign Life, Toronto.
The national prolife lobby group, Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), inaugurated this award following the death by cancer in September 1996 of Joseph Borowski.
On 24 separate occasions, Pryor voted against prolife interests.
Tim Ryan, the pro-life Democrat most associated with the bill, spent over a year trying to get prolife and pro-choice Democrats on board.