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Their primary goal in adopting Prolog was to streamline contract management and improve project budget and cost management.
While there are several options for accessing Prolog from within Perl, the AI :: Prolog module is perhaps the easiest with which to start.
See how Prolog LT improves your bottom line and increases your project control: http://www.
Any information that is not explicitly written into the database is considered by Prolog to be false.
Updates to the Dashboards and File Management features within Prolog Converge are designed to provide project teams with improved project visibility and collaboration.
Project File Capture - Store a multitude of project-related documents as part of Prolog.
The newest Prolog application Prolog Converge is based on Web services technology to give users both powerful project controls and flexible interface choices.
Meridian's Prolog Mobile seamlessly extends Field Management functionality to iPad and Windows mobile devices.
The Prolog Converge application has been enhanced with improved cost control functionality that provides project stakeholders with more visibility and easier ways to collaborate on the financial aspects of a construction project.
Prolog provides the most flexible deployment options for AEC firms that need to get up and running quickly on a project management solution," said Meridian Systems Prolog Business Unit Director, Jon Fingland.
Prolog Converge permits applications and people to securely connect and share construction project information over the Internet.