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Both the prologue and epilogue spoken by Marshall exist among the compilation for the all-female revival of Philaster by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher in June 1672.
The Prologue and Epilogue build intrigue for what may happen.
The chapters are well-referenced and a prologue and epilogue provide explanation of the motivation for the studies.
Bookending the songs are a Prologue and Epilogue for horn solo, the Epilogue reprising the Prologue, but played offstage to great effect.
The primary text is divided into four parts plus a prologue and epilogue, composed of essays revised from papers given at the title congress.
Though it is possible to excuse Helene's decision while experiencing life through her eyes, the prologue and epilogue are told from Peter's perspective.
Bryony Lavery, whose work seems to be everywhere at the moment, has added an anachronistic verse prologue and epilogue which recasts Kate Hardcastle and Marlow as two Rep ushers trying to steel themselves for a first date.
She has also written a new prologue and epilogue for Jonathan Munby's production of She Stoops To Conquer, also at The Rep this autumn.
Inspired by a short black and white film of a '30s production, Eyles has reconstructed Howard's original choreography, while Baldwin has added a prologue and epilogue.