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PROMOTERS. In the English law, are those who in popular or penal actions prosecute in. their own names and the king's, having part of the fines and penalties.

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He was no longer a promoter, but a general manager.
I was second to none of the company in any acts of debauchery; nay, I soon distinguished myself so notably in all riots and disorders, that my name generally stood first in the roll of delinquents; and instead of being lamented as the unfortunate pupil of Sir George, I was now accused as the person who had misled and debauched that hopeful young gentleman; for though he was the ringleader and promoter of all the mischief, he was never so considered.
The little old gentleman was the active spirit of the place, the adjuster of all differences, the promoter of all merry-makings, the dispenser of his friend's bounty, and of no small charity of his own besides; the universal mediator, comforter, and friend.
The advance of industry, whose involuntary promoter is the bourgeoisie, replaces the isolation of the labourers, due to competition, by their revolutionary combination, due to association.
The revolt is at the door of those who think my people can rebel," cried Anne, unable to dissimulate before the coadjutor, whom she looked upon, and probably with reason, as the promoter of the tumult.
Pray dispense with this jesting, for I have no time, and really no inclination, to be the subject or promoter of mirth just now.
New Delhi: Realty major DLF's promoters have concluded the sale of 33.
Come December, banks will have to grapple with the ethical and financial dilemma of dealing with failed promoters who try to claw back control in troubled companies - where they no longer call the shots - by trying to outbid others in the race.
At the moment, there are no people in Macedonia's embassies working as economic attaches and, according to the Agency for Foreign Investments, at the moment Macedonia has no active economic promoters.
a leading biotechnology company for the improvement of crop productivity, and Instituto Mato-grossense do Algodao (IMAmt), a leading developer and marketer of cotton seeds, announced today a collaboration for the discovery and validation of novel genomic promoters to support IMAmt's product development of insect-resistant cotton varieties.
ISLAMABAD -- Punjab overseas promoters have demanded granting the manpower export as industry status and exempting 16 percent service taxes and General Sales Tax on manpower export.
The global adhesion promoters market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.

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