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PROMT has 20 years of experience in automated translation research at its disposal.
PROMT German-English and English-German translators are now available from the App Store for EUR 4.
PROMT English-German translator is available from the iTunes Store at:
PROMT German-English translator is available from the iTunes Store at:
For example, ONLINE magazine is indexed both by PROMT and by Trade & Industry.
Its size--it is much smaller than PROMT --makes for convenient searching; B&I is often easier to use than its sprawling competitor.
World Reporter strongly resembles PROMT, Trade & Industry Database, and Globalbase (all from Information Access Company), Business dc Industry Database (from Responsive Database Services), and Textline (produced by Reuters).
Until then, World Reporter's depth is far short of that found in PROMT, Trade & Industry Database, Business & Industry Database, or NEXIS.
It follows the pattern originally laid out years ago by PROMT, followed by Trade & Industry Database, and enhanced by Business & Industry Database.
Although they lack the timeliness of an online product, they draw from a much larger set of databases, including Disclosure, PROMT, WorldScope, ValueLine, COMPUSTAT, I/B/E/S, and FirstCall.
RDS's first product, Business & Industry (B&I) Database, was modeled after PROMT, one of the very first online databases.
Most of the databases in STN Easy are bibliographic, but there are several, including PROMT, Chemical & Engineering News, and US Patents Fulltext, that display full text.