proof of payment

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Any email without your MongoDB server IP Address and a Proof of Payment together will be ignored.
The defence had submitted a proof of payment during the first hearing," he affirmed.
Details of the individual will be verified as per IGR data base and basis which SBI will issue e-SBTR, which act a proof of payment of Govt.
The declaration form under the programme can be filed online after uploading scanned copies of proof of payment of taxes and deposits in the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Deposit Scheme, 2016.
Visa cost - The relevant fee should have been paid to the Embassy account (details on their website) and proof of payment must be brought along.
During a body search a passport with the name and photograph on another person was found as was a receipt of proof of payment of money sent abroad to the person on the passport, a student card in another person's name and e1/4829 in cash.
The accused malafidely reported to its company through email that the payment has been made to PDMA for the said purpose and fraudulently/ dishonestly attached a fake pay order as a proof of payment.
With a letter of authority issued by Customs Commissioner Alberto Lina, Marcos, Sesante and other customs personnel went to the store on Wednesday to ask for proof of payment of duties.
I was fortunate to have my tickets but how about all the other poor parkers that hadn't retained them and received the same threatening letter with no proof of payment.
They (Kentex) can present quit claim as proof of payment and workers will be asked to appear to confirm that the act was done voluntarily.
E-mail proof of payment for the NCQLP exam to pmcgillicuddy@ies.
TV licensing bosses will save PS5million a year by ditching the paper proof of payment.