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Fit; correct; reasonably sufficient. That which is well adapted or appropriate.

Proper care is the degree of care a reasonable, prudent person would use under similar circumstances.

A proper party is an individual who has an interest in the litigation. He or she can be joined—that is, brought into the action—but his or her nonjoinder will not result in a dismissal. A substantial judicial decree can still be rendered in the absence of a proper party. A proper party is distinguishable from a necessary party in that the latter must be joined in order to give complete relief to the litigants.




adjective acceptable, accurate, adapted, apposite, appropriate, apt, aptus, becoming, befitting, condign, conventional, correct, decorous, ethical, fitting, formal, free of error, honest, idoneus, legitimate, moral, opportune, orthodox, particular, precise, rectus, relevant, right, righteous, seasonable, seemly, suitable, suited, tasteful, true, unmistaken, virtuous, well-bred
Associated concepts: proper party
Foreign phrases: Non solum quid licet, sed quid est conneniens, est considerandum; quia nihil quod est inconneniens est licitum.Not only that which is lawful, but that which is convenient is to be considered, because nothing which is inconvenient is lawful.
See also: accurate, admissible, allowable, applicable, appropriate, due, eligible, equitable, evenhanded, fair, fit, fitting, formal, honest, juridical, just, justifiable, lawful, legal, licit, meritorious, moral, official, orthodox, permissible, precise, rational, reasonable, regular, relevant, right, rightful, seasonable, separate, several, suitable, tenable, unprejudiced

PROPER. That which is essential, suitable, adapted, and correct.
     2. Congress is authorized by art, 1, s. 8, of the constitution of the United States, "to make all laws which shall be necessary and proper, for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this constitution of the United States, in any department. or officer thereof." See Necessary and Proper.