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She loves that her proper name is Lil Miss Congeniality.
Proper names can constitute the material to cognitive refinement in addition to being the result of it.
The following section will present the theoretical considerations that deal with different aspects of proper names in translation of children's literature.
Peirce's Individual Semiotic Descriptions of Proper Names
When the proper names of the Parisian locales that Villon mentions are read as common nouns, the mimetic figures of the signboard take on an active role in Villon's macabre burlesque.
The papers thus share the core topic of the meaning of proper names, and they all employ Fiengo's and May's theory of de lingua beliefs.
One might respond that proper names, at least, have plain, fixed meanings since they work like name tags.
the significance of proper names in classical Latin literature.
A number of contributions treat the analysis of proper names from different perspectives.
If you want to dazzle your star-party buddies and call stars by their proper names and not just their designations--for example, Alpha and Beta Librae are actually Zubenelgenubi and Zubeneschamali, respectively--then here's the book to memorize.
Make sure it's dear what you're talking about; change pronouns to proper names, for example, or identify what "it" is.
Some proper names are misspelled, there are conspicuous typos and grammatical errors and in spots, the clumsy writing obscures meaning.

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